Bah, Bah, Black Sheep
What makes a wrestling fan what they are.
07.04.2003 by Azaroth

I donít usually write anything for wrestling. You usually see me in the Music section. But sometimes, things need to be said. And Iíll be the one to say them!

Sheep. They are all sheep. Vince McMahon and the other big shots in the sports entertainment biz have pulled the wool over the fansí eyes...and itís their own wool!!!!

I had the privilege of attending both Wrestlemania XIX and RAW the next day. They were both great shows that I really enjoyed. ĎMania was MUCH better than my previous WM excursion...which was to see Wrestlemania XI. Man...that was a real stinker.

Anyway, these shows were great. Solid performances and blah blah blah. But the people at these shows PISS ME OFF!!!!

Take, for example, the signing of Goldberg to the WWE. Talk about retarded, short term solutions. This is gonna be the biggest flop in recent history. The guy canít wrestle, he couldnít care less about the industry or the fans. Triple H is right. The guy is a joke and can only contribute to the downfall in ratings and quality. Yeah, sure, heíll spike the rating for a month, but when his performance is more of a joke than Steinerís ended up being, the sheep out there in the flock will get bored with him...JUST LIKE THEY DID IN WCW!!!

Okay, this brings me to my point. Wrestling fans, as a whole, are some of the STUPIDEST people alive! They have short term memories that are easily altered by a simple promo that gets aired on RAW or Smackdown.

Hey...on a side note...this sounds a lot like the American people in general today too.

Goldberg is the perfect example. Huge debut, impressive rookie run...then the title? WTF?? His ďgloriousĒ reign led to other great reigns such as the infamous Arquette title win. Once Goldberg lost a match, no one, including himself, knew what to do with him. Fans got bored with him. Bret Hart, in his glory, attempted to help him out. What did he get for that? A boot to the head, thatís what!

So now, weíve got The Rock. Back for a few months to build his ego a little more before making another Hollywood classic. Now, Iíll give credit where credit is due. The Rock is a talented performer that can really pull the crowd in. He can put up when he has to. is the people that make me often groan when their ĎChampioní makes his way out.

First, letís take note of the fact that we all hate The Rock as a face. He is stale, boring, and hard to get into. This was evidenced at Wrestlemania XVIII when he was booed into oblivion. So, the marketing guys in the WWE FINALLY realize that when he comes back again, he needs to be a heel. They bring him back in and he is playing the egomaniacal Hollywood type to a tee. I mean, he uses all his catchphrases just to insult the audience. THEN...the retards cheer for him!! ďHey, he called me a skank! I love The Rock!Ē Idiots...ALL OF THEM!!!

So, this past Monday at RAW in Seattle, Choadberg makes his big return during the Rockís main event promo. The Rock is trash talking and insulting the crowd, and they are cheering. he threatens to retire, and the idiots boo. ďI like to be called stupid. Please stay and insult me.Ē Then comes Choadberg. Cheers from the peanut gallery. He takes out the Rock after sounding like a little girl on the mic. The people cheer.

So, letís break this down. We all like being insulted and hearing The Rock talk about how great he is. We donít want him to retire, because then we may develop some self-esteem and we just canít have that. He gets beat up by a never-has-been that we all got sick of over 2 years ago and that makes us happy. WHY???? I thought we like to hear him talk about himself. Thatís pretty much why he got ďspeared,Ē isnít it? So, why are we cheering?

Iíll tell you. You are ALL SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will close this out by making a plea. Donít buy merchandise just because everyone else is buying a ĎBig Evilí T-Shirt. Donít stand up and cheer because the slob next to you is. If you donít like something...donít react. Itíll stop happening if you just SHUT THE F UP!!!!!!!

So, if A-Train comes out, or Rikishi is running down the aisle, just remember this phrase:


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