Throw Down welcomes our new staff writer, J-Dawg as we kick off our first pay-per-view roundtable - Royal Rumble 2003.

Will HHH retain due to the fact that he's been putting over Steiner regularly - what is your opinion?
Splatz - I want Steiner to win because I think it's a mistake for H to keep it, but I think HHH will win
Big D - I believe that for this one instance they will manage to the right thing and put Steiner over and if I had any say in the matter, they'd run an injury angle to put HHH out for a few weeks so he can freshen up.

Will the quality of the Rumble match itself suffer to do the reduced time intervals?
Splatz - I think it will because it makes it shorter but the actual stuff in the ring won't.
Big D - It won't allow for in-match storylines to develop as nicely and I also believe that if they're doing it as a way to give more time to the undercard matches that it may be a mistake - I'm interested to see how the get an hour out of it if everyone hits the ring within 30 minutes.

At this point J-Dawg arrives and the questions continue.

Will Undertaker comeback as the "American Badass" or will they swerve and bring him back as the old-style dead man?
Splatz - I hope to God that they bring him back as the old one, but I think they're fucking with us.
Big D - I concur with that
J-Dawg - I dissent. I think they'll do the right thing

Will Angle/Benoit be as good as expected?
Splatz - Absolutely
J-Dawg - 100% - like every time
Big D - As long as they give it enough time to develop I think it'll be fabulous, but if it falls victim to having too many undercard matches, then there might not be a point.
J-Dawg - ...but there aren't too many matches - that and with the shortened rumble match, we'll see.

Will Torrie/Dawn Marie be as bad as expected?
Splatz - The only good thing will is that they're hot - but the whole storyline needs to go away.
J-Dawg - No, it will not be as bad - it'll be worse.
Big D - I don't think the match itself will be as bad, but if it serves as a catalyst for the angle to continue, than I reserve the right to change my opinion.

Will the WWWhatever do the right thing and job Big Show, Regal, and Storm out?
Splatz - They will job Show because Brock wins the Rumble, but Regal and Storm will retain because they won't take the belts off them quite yet.
J-Dawg -Show is going down, and I say the belts change hands - Dudleys
Big D - uhhh...I have no confidence that they'll do the right thing - Regal and Storm retain and Show goes to the Rumble where he gets screwed by Lesnar.

Who wins the Rumble?
Splatz - Brock
J-Dawg - Brock
Big D - I'm gonna pray here, but I'm going to say RVD.

Who's the 30th man in the Rumble?
Splatz - Steve Austin
J-Dawg - Ditto
Big D - I don't know who it's going to be but it'll be a disappointment.

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