Raw X / Smackdown! Thoughts
by Big D

Hey, it’s time for the first installment of SmackDown thoughts, which may conspiculously like Raw Thoughts :)

First, a little note for WWWhatever writers: I think you are making a big mistake if you bring UT back as the Big Red Evil Devil or whatever the heck he wants to be called. I know that others on this site concur that he should be brought back as one of his previous incarnations. Whether that be the 1990-4, 1995-97, or 1998-1999, I’m not sure. Personally, I’d go for the second, but I always got a kick out of him hanging Stephanie on the TX symbol.

Raw X Thoughts:

The Good:
While I’m sure a lot of people couldn’t find anything positive to say about this one, I think there were a couple of memorable moments that were worthwhile.

Video package of “Bad” gimmicks: While they wanted to make fun of them, they made me realize one thing: As “bad” as they were, at least they were memorable. One of the key problems in the WWetc. Is that pretty much everyone has the same gimmick, making it hard for fans to differentiate or care about these gimmicks. The only one that I thought was actively bad out of the whole bunch was MVP.

Owen Tribute: While the reasoning behind this show is often argued, I enjoyed it. And, Owen was my favorite wrestler. On the same page, omissions aside, I also enjoyed the tribute to the deceased wrestlers.

The Bad:
Raw Awards: I realize that there have been over 500 episodes and all, but you have got to be kidding me. Most of the choices sucked, and to try and allegedly run an angle through it is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, what about the “JR is Raw” announce table he had set up for him during a match in front of Cole and Lawler? What about UT resurrected by lightning? What about anything before 1997?

The Ugly:
Along the same lines as before. I predicted that 75% of the show would focus on 1998-present. I was hoping I’d be wrong, and I was. It was worse! Outside of the first episode and the “bad gimmicks” segment, I would have sworn that Raw started in 1998, thus making it RAW V or something.

All told, a terrible show. I mean, if you were a Johnny-come-lately to wrestling and started watching during 1998, this is the show for you! However, if you watched since the beginning, or wanted to see what Raw used to be like, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Now, on to SmackDown…

The Good:
Baked Doritos: I’d never had them before tonight, but I’ll be damned if they don’t taste better than the originals!

Team Angle vs Benoit/Edge: I can’t say enough good things about Team Angle. It goes to show that with some wrestling talent and the right gimmick, you can be successful.

Matt Hardy vs Funaki. V1 is good stuff, especially the interaction with Shannon. I sure wish that TAKA and Togo would come back and reform Kaientai. Those were good times, for sure.

Los Guerreros: ‘Nuff said. And Buchanan gets his ass kicked. It’ll be hard for anybody to care as long as he has a bad gimmick. He looks almost the same as when he was the Bossman’s lackey.

Big Show/A-Train vs. Mysterio/Lesnar: The match sucked, so how does it make the “good” side? Rey comes back, Albert jobs, and the fact that since he and Show are both in this match, it means (hopefully) that we won’t have to see either of them later.

The Bad:
Rikishi vs. Bill DeMott: I wish they hadn’t gotten rid of the Hugh Mouous (sic) gimmick. At least Rikishi continues to do the job. Note to fans: If you stop cheering, maybe they’ll give him a new gimmick, or better yet get rid of him.

The Ugly:
Al Wilson funeral bit: This stuff will always make the Ugly list for obvious reasons. I’m sure they’ll keep finding a way to drag this thing out, although it’s been dead for a long time. Heh, that was a funny pun…okay, maybe not.

Torrie Wilson: I know, she’s hot as hell. But when she turned away from Dawn, she should have not been looking right into the camera. Bad production call there.

Stephanie: She continues to show next-to-nothing in the way of charisma. Maybe it’s time for the whole “owner” thing to go away for awhile.

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