Raw THHHoughts (2003.02.24)
Isn't it supposed to be BIGGER now?
by Big D

Well, hot off of the PPV, and I guess it was a mixed bag. But to pin your buyrates on 3 really crappy matches is living dangerously. But the better news is that everything from here on out will be working towards WrestleMania. Did I mention I'll be there?

The Good:
Rock Promo: Just great stuff, and it manages to get him that much more over as a heel. I'm buying this, big-time.

Rock Promo: Only to be eclipsed by his work with Hurricane later. I love to hear him backing up on the Scorpion King stuff.

Battle Royal: Man, the Rock was ON tonight! I could have sworn he was going ot win to set up Rock/HHH part 9000, but they went with the better solution, provided they don't decide that since Booker went over on HHH last week, that he needs to return the job at WM. Why have Rosey in there at the end, though?

Lack of HHH: You know how I feel about this guy...

The Bad:
Overall wrestling: Just nothing going on wrestling-wise tonight, and although I'm glad Booker went over, but the "roll-through the cross-body" has been WAY overdone.

Jazz vs. Jackie: I have no idea why they keep doing this.

The Ugly:
Hardy vs. Nowinski: Speaking of finishes that I HATE, the "reversal due to continued beating" ranks right up there.

Test/Stacy vs. Chris Jericho/Christian: I love how Stacy looks, but they need to give her some serious wrestling and/or acting lessons before she should be allowed to take any more bumps.

Final Analysis:
I guess the "Ugly" section is rather nominal this week, but this show, outside of the Rock, was just kind of there, with matches to continue angles that nobody cares about. I'm just hoping that somebody will help get this thing straightened out before WM, because if I have to sit through a bunch of matches with Lawler, Morley, 3-Minute warning, Regal, et al, I think I might take advantage of that first-row seat and jump over the edge.

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It was a blast to do and it to be involved in a great collaborative effort using the strengths of my friends was simply amazing. I hope you have fun reading our work as much as we had in creating it.

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