Raw Thoughts
by Big D

Hey gang : )

I realize that I can't expect to compete with Scott Keith or the menagerie of other recaps out there. That said, if you want a match breakdown, try 411wrestling.com or 1wrestling. I'll just throw out a couple of quick thoughts here.

Un-official projections for "Raw X"

Unfortunately, I hope these projections prove inaccurate.

Although I would absolutely love it if somebody like Bret Hart decided to show up, I just can't see it happening. Given the WWWhatever's track record on delivering surprises that they try and play up (e.g.: Vince McMahon as the higher power?). The only thing that conflicts this is that they have been pretty quiet about names, but we'll just have to see.

As far as coverage, I think it will shake out something like this:
First episode: 5%
1993-5: 10%
1996-7: 10%
1998-9: 15%
2000: 20%
2001: 20%
2002: 20%

Now, I realize that some of the material from the earlier years was of questionable quality, but I'd like to mention that there has always been something around that sucked. And, given the track record, it seems like every time they have something like this, instead of giving newer fans a decent perspective on what things used to be like, they generally focus on whatever has happened over the last year or so, even if it is the case that the quality has diminished to some degree.

Now, on to the Raw Thoughts:

The Good:
Vince McMahon's return: I may be in the minority here, but I enjoyed all the interruptions, even if they tended to be a little long. Now, if it only leads to some improvement in the near future.

O'Haire and Jones vignettes: This works so much better than just throwing somebody new out there and expecting people to care. GIVE THEM A REASON! And the Orton stuff is hilarious.

D'lo and Raven on TV: Although the booking sucks, I'll give them credit for getting them on the air, at least.

The Bad:
Women's 4-way: I respect what Jackie did (note the past tense) as a wrestler, but with those 48EEE implants, it's a joke to see her try and work around them. I have to admit, I only passively care about women's matches, and this kind of thing doesn't help.

Super Posedown: This was cute in 1989, but it's just not working for me. I mean they didn't even get to the lifting. More on the beatdown below.

Over-The-Top-Rope: Why include Batista? He hasn't even done anything of late to even warrant a spot.the action wasn't particularly good, and the ending was worse.

The Ugly:
Royal Ru"m"ble hype: Way to increase interest by plugging in a bunch of midcarders into the Rumble match. Hopefully Smackdown can field more intriguing entrants. The SmackDown title match is the only thing this show really has going for it. Steiner had better win the belt, and hopefully he can work an injury angle with HHH so that he's laid out until, say, 2 weeks before WM, in order to freshen up.

Booking projection: HHH retains, since after all, he's been putting Steiner over for the last month. Too bad he doesn't realize that it's the action in the ring that counts the most.

Booker T and Goldust Lawler: He's really been getting on my nerves as a commentator, and now he has to wrestle against Regal, which knocks him down even more. I would be all for bringing in Heenan or Ventura.

All told, not a good effort leading into one of the 2 or 3 biggest shows of the year. I wish them luck in trying to pull it off, but stranger things have happened.

Comments? You know where to send 'em.

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