Random Review #4
WWF [Syndicated] Superstars Finale (09/1996)
by Big D

*sniffle* Edition

Hosted by Monsoon and Mr. Perfect

Quick recap of the history of show intros, including some cool ones, and the last one, a cheap rip-off of the MNF theme. Man, it was going good there for a second...

10/86: Roddy Piper destroys the Flower Shop with his crutch, which helped lay the groundwork for his *cough*retirement*cough*. Hmmmm, I guess that was somebody else wrestling in WCW in 1997...

1986: Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat, IC title. JIP with a ref bump. Steamboat hits a cross-body, but Danny Davis (original and best heel ref) comes out and argues with Dave Hebner, allowing Savage to lay Steamboat over the rail and injure Steamboat's throat in one of the more famous [and believable] injury angles ever.

Vince McMahon: I think he's [Steamboat] trying to swallow his tongue! [Heh]

Savage follows it up with a bell shot. He goes for another, and Hebner tries to push Savage off the top. They try to get Steamer out of there, but he does such a great job of selling the injury, he falls off the stretcher.

The Model introduces ARROGANCE. Which, of course, led to a pretty lame angle and one of the worst WrestleMania matches ever.

Quick tribute to Andre. The next Hall of Fame introduction is on November 16. Of course, that's when a really green Rocky Miavia debuted. And Shawn lost a title IN THE RING, if you can believe it.

Recap of Andre/Hogan on Piper's Pit. Fortunately, they didn't show the whole thing.

02/87, as Honky tries to sing for Jake on the Snakepit. Something's wrong with the guitar, as Honky fixes it by bashing Roberts with it. Classic.

Quick recap of Honky throwing water on Bret and then hitting him with the cattle prod, complete with piped in sound effects.

Hey, if you call the WWF hotline now, you can find out more on the Diesel/Razor situation. That, of course, would be Diesel 2/Razor 2. I have to say, though, Glen Jacobs did a GREAT job playing Diesel. I'm not sure about Bogner as Razor, though.

Quick recap of the "Perfect" sports vignettes.

They show the development of the Roberts/Rude feud, starring a rather uncharasmatic Cheryl Roberts. Until she slaps Rude...Rude grabs her, and then Jake comes out for a pier-six.

"Celebrity" hosts of Superstars sub-shows: Okerlund, Sean Mooney, Jim Ross, CHARLIE MINH (also formerly of KPDX Portland sports news), Stephanie Wiand, Todd Pettengill, and Dok Hendrix. Which leads to a promo for IYH:Mind Games. And instead of focusing on Mankind/Shawn, they talk about Lawler/Henry (fresh off signing a 10-year contract, which the WWWhatever is still mired in. Oh wait, there's Mankind/Shawn. That's more like it.

It's 12/87, and the Islanders steal Matilda from the British Bulldogs to help set up the WrestleMania IV match, which was like FOUR MONTHS away! When do you see angle building like that anymore?

12/91, and Bret receives a trophy from the "wrestling fraternity" as "best wrestler of the year", as Perfect trashes him on color commentary, and in a cute bit, 1996 Perfect wonders who was on commentary since he was "right on".

5/88. and the Hart Foundation send Jimmy Hart back to the dressing room. Err, sends him running back to the back. I wasn't watching back then, so I guess that was the end of that relationship. Perfect states that BRIAN PILLMAN might bring Hitman back at IYH. *sniffle*

Video collage of "Superstars" wrestlers: Bossman, Slaughter, The Mountie, Headshrinkers, Papa Shango, Giant Gonzalez (heh), Damien DeMento (yeah!), Snuka, KoKo B. Ware, Hillbilly Jim, Berzerker, Warlord, Genius, Hacksaw (Duggan), Haku, Hakushi, Steamboat, Tugboat, Kama, Kamala, Nasty Boys, Steiners, Rougeaus, LOD, Texas Tornado, Natural Disasters, Gorilla Monsoon

Clip of the Rockers' WWF debut, 6/88. Including an Iron Mike Sharpe sighting.

7/91. Savage proposes to Elizabeth. Awwww. But if you really want to get misty-eyed, check out WM7 instead.


5/90: Hulk talks down Jimmy Hart, but gets laid out by quake in a cheesy segment. But hey, at least it was easy to start a feud back in the day...

5/92, as Shango puts the voodoo curse on Warrior, including yummy yellow projectile vomiting.

11/90, Paul Bearer makes his debut on the Brother Love show. "The Benedict Arnold of the WWF", notes Gorilla.

It's 4/91, and it's one of the best Brother Love segments as Warrior gets put in the casket. I still kinda thought wrestling was real back then :)

YES! IT'S THE WHOLE REASON TO WATCH THE TAPE! In a famous segment (9/91), Piper and Flair get into an argument at the broadcast position, and in a daze, Piper accidentally slams McMahon with a rather hard chairshot.

Video recap of Superstars announcers, including Piper, Savage, Flair, Hendricks, and McMahon.

Ooohhh, Jose Lothario vs. Jim Cornette at "Mind Games"

Quick clip of a rather disturbing Goldust/Razor segment from 1/96

In a clip that I have no idea why it's on there, Sunny gets slopped. Man, Sunny was quite the babe.

7/94, Bret Hart defends the WWF title against Backlund, and Backlund SNAPS. Man, the chicken-wing was devistating. Right.

1/95, Shawn interviews a cardboard cutout of Diesel on the "Heartbreak Hotel" I do love how Rumble winners say that they "eliminate 19 other superstars" like they did it singlehandedly or something.

And that's that. I would actually STRONGLY advise you watch this, since unlike Raw X, they actually talk about more than 1 or 2 years of history. And although I wish it could have been longer, it's still pretty good.

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