No Way Out 2003
Did this one live down to expectations?
by Big D

I know that my feelings were pretty low going in, and I have to say, at least for the big-money matches, it was pretty bad. However, some of the prelims were actually pretty good. How did they exactly stack up? Read on...


If you read the SK rants (I know most people do), if you happened to read his line about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, that was contributed by yours truly. It's weird, sometimes this stuff just comes to me...

The Good:
Jericho vs. Je[ff] Hardy: Much better than I had anticipated, but not having Test in there sure helped. I wonder if they think that getting rid of Test will alienate Stacy or something, but it's no reason to keep trying to push him. I'm not sure about the HBK run-in, though.

Kidman vs. Matt Hardy: The wrestling was pretty good, but this may only be a conditional ranking, providing they don't send Hardy out there to job to A-Train and UT in non-title matches.

Team Angle vs. Benoit/Lesnar: Lesnar actually didn't drag this one down at all, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHERE WAS RHYNO? Besides, this pretty much followed the general rule for handicap matches.

The Bad:
The PPV logo: I have no idea why they couldn't come up with something cooler for this one.

Regal/Storm vs. Kane/RVD: I have little to add about Regal/Storm that I haven't stated already. Although the mask bit was cheezy, at least it wasn't more predictable crap with the knux.

Undertaker vs. A-Train: See above. Additionally, UT winning with a submission move does nothing for me.

Rock vs. Hogan: The only thing that saved this for me was the Rock's new intro (and especially new music). I have no idea why they think they need to keep poking fun of the was cute the first time, but the last 1683 or so haven't been so great.

The Ugly:
HHH vs. Steiner: Yeah, after it bombed the first time, they saw fit to run it again. Bad idea. I know that some people thought it was better than the original, I just don't see it.

Bischoff vs. Austin: I guess it wasn't bad considering that it was probably booked correctly, but the whole bit with JR going over the top was too much to bear. GIVE IT A REST.

Final Analysis:
I wouldn't go out of my way to order the replay or anything, but if you come across a copy, just realize going in that most of the big matches SUCK.

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