Combo Thoughts #5
9.3.2003 by Big D

Okay, I don't know where that came from, but it's one of those days when nothing witty comes to mind. Which seems like it happens a lot these days :)

Abyway(s), I'm getting confused. SmackDown is getting WORSE while RAW is getting better? Somebody tell Vince that it's not a crime to have 2 good shows on at a time!

Heel Rock = GOOD
Face Rock = BAD, STALE, IRRITATING, etc.

I actually have an idea on how they could re-work WM and solve a lot of their problems simultaneously. (Did I mention I'm going?). More on that later this week.

Now, on to the shows!

And just remember: You CANNOT summarily fire somebody just because they do the DUMBEST MOVE IN ALL OF WRESTLING.

SmackDown Thoughts (27.02.2003)

The Good:
Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore vs. Benoit/Rhyno: The wrestling was okay, but it was kinda short. But hey, Rhyno was there, and that's worth something. But I seem to recall saying something about Hardy jobbing to heavyweight wrestlers after winning the CW belt. Oh wait, he was doing that before.

Angle vs. Kendrick: I'm a sucker for these challenge matches. Nowhere near as famous as the Dustin Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase match from late 1990, though. Yeah, for all of you who thought Dustin was in WCW before the WWF are sadly mistaken. Also, check out Rumble 91 and see if you can spot Shane Douglas :)

Lesnar vs. Team Angle: I've seen better, but at least the blowoff was kinda hot...

The Bad:
Noble/Nidia vs. Funaki/Wilson: Normally, any Funaki match is good. But just like handicap matches and the 6-man tag, the mixed tag has been WAY overdone.

Nunzio vs. Eddie: Just kind of there, and anything that involves Rikishi going over is pretty much automatically bad.

Backstage skits: These are just getting irritating, especially with the McMahons as the stars.

The Ugly:
UT promo: Just plain bad, and if this is going to set up UT/Jones vs. Show/A-Train, I may sell my WM ticket. Or use this match as a bathroom break.

Final Analysis: Although Angle and Edge are hurt, they still have more than enough firepower to have some great matches. Which hasn't been happening lately. More wrestling, less Stephanie, less skits.


Raw Thoughts (03.3.2003)

I have nothing interesting to note here that I am going to mention later :)

The Good:
All Rock, All the time: Man, his promos are just GOLD, and he's even wrestling better now as a heel than as a face (eg: the posing before he drops the people's elbow). I know he didn't wrestle this week, but he's wrestling next week, so there's at least one thing to look forward to. And his entrance still kicks ass. I love the full-screen effect.

Jeff Hardy vs. Christian: Only by default, since it was the best match on the show. Could have been better though.

The Bad:
Kane/RVD vs. Dreamer/Snow: Normally, I'd be in favor of anything that gets Show and Dreamer out there, but they just try and do comedy matches instead of serious, and it doesn't help anything. At least they could have turned Rob, which had a whole week to build. Isn't that enough.

Overall Wrestling: It wouldn't be so bad it they were using it to promote actual angles, but the matches just seem pointless these days.

Remember this:

Bad wrestling + angle development = good
Good wrestling + no angle development = good
Good wrestling + angle development = good
Bad wrestling + no angle development = BAD

Steve Austin return: Man, they could have done good with this, but instead they do something confusing and pointless.

Booker T vs. Steiner: The only thing that saved this dog was the fact that Booker went over.

The Ugly:
Booker T promo: Like you should have to ask why this was bad. You only need 3 letters.

Final Analysis: Sometimes they show signs of turning the corner, but then they roll out shows like this one. Ergh.

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