Super-Deluxe Combo Thoughts #3
Why does everything have to be some sort
of "edition" around here?
12.2.2003 by Big D

Welcome to another stirring edition of Combo Thoughts. I may get on the ball enough to have individual versions, but I think this is a good safety net :)

And, before I forget, here are the "Woody Paige Quotes of the Week"!

Keep in mind that both of these are directed at Max Kellerman:

2.05.2003: "Aaron Carter is your idol!"


2.11.2003: (talking to somebody off-screen): "Hey, you're right! He IS goat man's illegitimate kid!"

Both of these got the MUTE (OF DOOM), and Woody started off with -3 both times. But they made my day, which has to be worth something...

SmackDown Thoughts (03.02.2003)

The usual mixed bag on this one, although the two good matches weren't nearly the caliber that they have been in recent months, but hey, at least it's not Raw.

The Good:
Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros: CHEAT TO WIN. It didn't work this time. But look at it this way, you can't lose with either team. I have to wonder how long they'll keep the belts on Team Angle though. That kind of thing is good for building credibility, ya know.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit: Not as good as some of their previous matches, but I'll watch one of their matches any chance I can. They really ought to put the belt on Benoit though.

Hardy vs. Kidman, Noble vs. Mysterio: Not great, but good enough to keep them out of the other places. They really ought to find something worthwhile for these guys to do, but as long as they're not jobbing to UT or A-Train, I guess I can't complain TOO much...

The Indifferent:
Hogan/Rock promos: Just kind of there. I've seen better.

The Bad:
Brother Love returns: I'm not unhappy that he "came back", I just think he's irritating enough to do some good. Or maybe that's the nostalgia talking.

The Ugly:
A-Train/Rikishi win their matches in a combined 2:19: You guys know what I think of these slugs...


Raw Thoughts (10.02.2003)

I found a certain aspect of this show to be TERRIBLY irritating, and I think you know where to look for it...

The Good:
Je(ff) Hardy vs. Chris Jericho: This was just about the best thing the show had going for it, and unfortunately, it wasn't great. How Hardy remains somewhat over despite the spotty nature of his matches and the goofy "glow-in-the-dark" body paint. I know somebody out there was a little miffed about Jericho using THE DUMBEST MOVE IN ALL OF WRESTLING, but I beg to differ.

Vince fires Bischoff: Well, at least part of this segment was kinda okay, at least until the Na-Na-Na-Na part.

Booker T gets elevated (sort of): Well, at least they're doing something to move him up, at least until he gets in there with HHH and loses all of his momentum again...but wrestling against D-Lo isn't going to cut it.

Jazz vs. Molly Holly: 2 good women's matches in a row? Jeez.

Look out, because here's the other 80% of the show...

The Bad:
Chief Morley vs. Dudleyz+: I might be willing to move this up to "good' if Morley's "chief" character stays on the shelf.

Batista vs. Dreamer: They still haven't really given me a reason to care about Batista. It seems like this might be kinda analagous to putting Earthquake in the 4 Horsemen. Just a talentless guy that needs something to do. At least Quake had some charisma.

JR gets fired (sort of): This would be a good thing if it was permanent. Although Coachman isn't good for much more than doing the Charleston, it was a refreshing change.

Kane/RVD vs. 3-Minute Warning: Ergh. This needs to go somewhere FAST. Because it hasn't been (so far). And the match wasn't good, either.

The Ugly:
The overall show: This was just supremely irritating. Just when you think they're starting to make some drastic changes to make things better, they just throw it all away. I really was glad that JR, Morley, and Bisch were going to be off-screen for a while, but then they just bring them all back. They have got to realize that most of the stuff they're doing just isn't working, and actually have the Kahonas to go through with it. Although JR may be one of the VP's of the company, and I'm sure he's got people lining up to kiss his ass, it may be best to try somebody else on commentary for a while.

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