Super-Deluxe Combo Thoughts #2
Flu sucks edition!
4.3.2003 by Big D

As you might infer by the tagline, I have been suffering from something that has flu-like tendencies for the last week or so. Fortunately, I think it has just about run its course. But hey, nothing like having 30 first-graders and their parents laughing at you when you've lost your voice and are trying to talk so that everyone in the gym can hear you. And it didn't help my indoor soccer game on Thursday either...maybe the Nike streaker would come in handy...would be better than seeing him in the commercial 59 times per week...

I also hope that at least somebody else out there caught the NHL all-star game on Sunday, The first shootout I have ever seen, and the action was pretty great for most of the game. The GGD's version of the national anthem SUCKED MAJOR ASS though. And I don't think that any of the songs during the intermissions really fit. And Jeremy Roenick is great with a live mic. Sure beats a football game where the most compelling thing was the continuation of a spat between a couple of backwoods players from the Colts. Or hearing anything else about that moron LeBron James. I mean, getting a Hummer through somewhat questionable means, and then says in an interview "I thought I got those jerseys since I was on the honor roll." Don't even get me started. But that's fodder for a sports column, I believe.

SmackDown Thoughts (30.1.2003)

The only thing I'd like to mention ahead of time is that I hope they can find a way to follow up on the Hogan bit from last week. And if all the usual suspects for "Ugly" stay off TV this week, I might be able to die happy.

The Good:
Team Angle vs. Benoit/Edge: You know you want this! I mean, Benoit (and to a lesser extent, Edge) can garry even some talentless slobs to at least watchable matches, and Hass/Benjamin are way past that. And besides, this plays perfectly off what I said last week about the possibility of Team Angle being nothing more than JTTS for Edge/Benoit every week.

Vince/Rock promo: I think Rock should have went full-heel mode, instead of playing the tweener. But maybe that's just me. Other than that, I liked it, so sue me.

Guerrero vs. Cena: Yeah, it's all about the CHEAT TO WIN. And anything that gives me a chance to break out some classic schtick is great.
i> Me: Man, they should deport Eddie Guerrero. (as a response to the signs that used to be frequently shown in the crowd).

Splatz: But Eddie Guerrero is my favorite wrestler!

Me: But he's cheating to win!

That's great stuff, and I'm glad they picked up the slack for me since I wasn't there when it first aired. I think the back if the new shirts should have said "Eddoe Guerrero is my favorite wrestler" just like the old ones did.

Moore vs. Kidman: No problems here!

The Bad:
A-Train vs. Rey Mysterio: I thought this should go in the other pile, but just the fact that Rey was there was worth something. But, as with any match involving Albert, it SUCKED, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO BRING BACK REY TO JOB HIM *AGAIN*, WHY BOTHER!

(Sorry, that bothers me a bit)

The Ugly:
Bill DeMott vs. Rikishi: I think I said this wasn't bad since both guys were in one match, they couldn't ruin another one. THAT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO. Grrrrrr.


Raw Thoughts (3.2.2003)

Hmmm, I wonder how much of a role the HHHorsemen will play?

The Good:
Rico the Referee: The only redeeming quality of the 3MW/Dudleyz match (or what there was of it). At least they got him into the ring this week, only to be essentially jobbed later.

Booker/Goldust part ways, part 1: Kinda cheesy, but I liked it. I'm hoping against hope that both guys can move up the singles card, but that may be a stretch.

Victoria vs. Molly Holly: Certainly better than I expected, but the chronic lack of a compelling angle surrounding these women's matches is troubling. At least it's not making me care any more about it...

Kane vs. RVD: I thought they should have went with a heel turn for one of the guys here, but of course, it didn't happen. I did like RVD's "faking the injury" bit though.

The Bad:
Steiner vs. Jericho: Steiner needs to figure out that what he's doing ISN'T WORKING. If he doesn't get if fixed, he may have the same fate as his buddy Bagwell.

Shawn Michaels Promo: Not that bad, but exaggerations such as the "15 years ago" bother me. It was 11...he could have said 10 and I would have been okay. But I was surprised that Jannetty's name came up. Too bad they didn't get the legitimate title win "15 years ago".

Lack of Wrestling: At least I didn't miss more than 5 minutes of wrestling in the first hour before I started watching. And what there was certainly wasn't very good, either (Maven vs D'Lo comes to mind).

The Ugly:
Steve Austin Promos: Please tell me that not everyone in Texas is this stupid. Just painful to listen to. They ought to stop string viewers along though.

Booker T/Goldust part ways, part 2:

I know it's bad to type in ALL CAPS, but just infer it:

This was one of the lamest segments I have seen, at least recently. Nobody buys this stuff. I mean, they show the sides of the stage pretty regularly, and none of that stuff was ever there. And who leaves a fusebox open? And there's NO WAY that a code-quality job would have exposed wires. And the fact that there were like 27 extension cords there made (oops, almost typed "maked" there) it look even more fake. And the pyro was WAY overdone. STOP WITH THIS CRAP!

Overall, this pretty much sucked the proverbial big one. Hope...err...PRAY for an improvement next week.

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