Random Thoughts #2
Purple Sucks.
1.2.2003 by Splatz

Utah Jazz
In my bio I mention the teams that I hate. Among those must obviously be " the team that I hate more than any other team in professional sports." That distinct honor goes to the Utah Jazz. There are four specific reasons why I hate the Jazz so much. Their names are Jerry Sloan, John Stockton, Jeff Hornacek, and Karl Malone. Luckily Hornacek already retired, so I don't have to worry about him anymore. But the other three still haunt my Sportscenter highlights. I do respect their talents, but my hatred of them just runs to deep.
I just pray to God that Malone doesn't stick around long enough to get the scoring title. It is bad enough that Stockton has the assists and steals titles. Another thing about Malone is a few years ago when he pulled a Shawn Kemp and said in a radio interview that he would never play in a Jazz uniform again. The only difference is that Karl Malone can't back up what he says and within three or four days I believe it was he signed a brand spanking new contract, with the Jazz of course. So that right there can hurt anyone's respectability, I don't care who they are. There is only one more thing; once the other three are gone I am going to have to find a new " team that I hate more than any other team in professional sports." That will be a pretty tough choice to make.

Washington Huskies
This is the team that I hate more than ANYTHING. Doesn't matter which sport, I just hate them. I do have a friend who is a U-dub fan. I don't hold it against him too much though, because he is a pretty good guy. But other than him I pretty much hate anything that has to do with the Huskies. One reason could begin with a game that is famous in the rivalry between the Oregon and Washington. You know the game, the Huskies are down by the goal line with the chance to take the lead and most likely win the game. So what would you do, down by the goal line when you have a really good running game?

A) Hand off to the running back and let him punch it in.
B) QB sneak
C) Throw a pass

If you chose C please send your resume to the University of Washington. Anyway, moving on, Lambright of course picked C. Kenny Wheaton picked it off and we all remember the announcer as Wheaton is sprinting down the sideline, "Kenny Wheaton's gonna score!!!". Of course the Huskies being the whiny bitches that they are couldn't stand losing to the Ducks and couldn't stop whining about it and that is what got the rivalry to a heated absolute hatred level. It could be next year, with Damon Huard whining and crying about how it was his senior year and he couldn't believe that he lost to the Ducks. Or it could be Jim Lambright bitching and moaning about us going to the Cotton Bowl and not his team. Speaking of that Cotton Bowl, someone in that game would bring my level of hatred of UW to a whole new level that I never thought possible.

Rick Neuhiesel
I didn't need a reason to hate the Huskies more than I already did, but then Skippy went to Washington. I will give a little background for those who don't know, Neu-weasel was the coach of the Colorado Buffalos when they went against my Oregon Ducks in the Cotton Bowl. The Buffs unfortunately thoroughly dominated the Ducks. As much as that sucks, it isn't that bad if that is all that happens. But with the game decided and Colorado winning handily, Neu-weasel decides that he doesn't need to punt on fourth down. They ran a fucking fake punt, so, as Neu-weasel said, he could get more offensive players some playing time. What pure fucking bullshit. It was nothing more than trying to run up the score and impress the alumni and the school officials. That was one of the biggest and worst displays of unsportsmanlike conduct that I have ever seen. You have the game wrapped up, so just punt it, let the game end, and take the win. Then a year or two later he goes to U-dub. There he proceeds to bitch and moan about everything. In specific he accused other coaches of "negative recruiting." First of all I have a hard time believing that while recruiting he never mentioned any other schools. (Besides look who is currently being punished for recruiting violations.) Second, with Oregon's recent success (aside from this years 7-6 record) there is no reason for Belloti to need to do "negative recruiting." Even without the recent success of the program, I don't think that Belloti would do that anyway.

Those are my random thoughts for now. Until next time, GO DUCKS.

Oh and don't forget kids, Fuck the Huskies.

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