Sports Views #1
Biggest Frauds in Sports!
2003.1.18 by Big D

Yeah, I watch sports too : )

I realize that everyone out there has their opinions about sports and "sports figures". So do I. But what makes me madder than anything is these imposters-people who have no business being where they are. E.g.: they have their fame and fortune because of the hard work of somebody else, not so much their own. Here's a few that I find to be particularly overrated (in no particular order):

Note: There will be more additions later : )

1. Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers:
This guy has repeatedly shown me that he doesn't have what it takes to lead the Lakers when ShaqAttaq goes down with an injury. Hell, you could say this about half the team (not mentioning any names, except Mr. Vanessa Williams). He shoots an inordinate amount of shots. And just as the media is starting to get on his case, he has a fluke night where he
shoots a dozen threes, and then he's back to being the media darling. And although this may be off-topic, the Lakers seem to get a lot of help from the referees: in tonight's game against the Rockets, the Lakers had 1 team foul in the second quarter. Give me a break.

2. Steve Spurrier, Washington Redskins:
I have to give him a little bit of credit for his success at Florida. But the fact that he ran up the score on a bunch of idiots in college seemed to make Daniel Snyder (or whoever the hell is the Redskins owner these days) think that he is the cure-all to all of his team's problems. Unfortunately for "the old ball coach", he
found that running up the score won't earn him any accolades in the NFL. And his constant use of former Florida players (and current NFL failures) Weurffel and Matthews has been questionable, although diminishing. Is there hope? Maybe. Just as long as SportsCenter stops showing that retarded MNF footage of Steve flapping his cheeks, for lack of better term. Best prognosis? 8-8 next year.

3. Eric Lindros, New York Rangers:
Don't get me wrong. Lindros used to be the man when he was with the Flyers. However, it may have been in his best interest to hang it up after Scott Stevens rudely sent him packing in the 2000 playoffs (heh). And although my loathing of Flyers GM Bob Clarke is probably unrivaled (at least in the Pacific time
zone), his whole "I only want to go to Toronto" is just ridiculous. Although he isn't a bad player by any stretch, his best days are behind him. I'll be the most surprised person out of everyone if he can hit 115 points again, especially since he's on pace for less than 55 this year. Besides, if the Rangers can't keep the puck out of their own net, what good will it do?

4. Orlando Hernandez, Montreal Expos:
Granted, I hated him more yesterday when he was still on the Yankees. There, he was just another player (not unlike those who are going to be on this list in the future) who was called up at just the right time to take advantage of the Steinbrenner's MLB-highest payroll
roster with hall-of-famers and ride their coattails to victory. Hell, with their power, I could pitch for them and get some W's. Besides, his ERA has never been particularly impressive: 17-9 with an ERA over 4 in 1999? Jeez. Since 2000, his record is 24-25. Not "elite" material in the least. The clincher is, that if the Expos move to Portland (it is a longshot), he'll be on our local team. Ergh.

5. Gary Thorne. ESPN/MSG broadcaster:
Broadcasters are not immune to the fraud list! Not to knock what Thorne has done, but his best days are clearly behind him. He has been kinda bad as of late, bumbling names and calls in the name of telling a joke. Pay attention! Arrrgh! Case in point: While watching the Blackhawks play a couple weeks ago, he referred to G Jocelyn Thibault as "Curtis Joseph"
(the opposing goalie that night) and "Jocelyn Lemiueux", which isn't even close, and I don't think he's even playing anymore. I think it's high time that ESPN hands the reigns of it's A-games (or what's left of them) to Steve Levy, or even Dave Strader or Jack Edwards. And while I'm at it, they should definitely get Jim Schoenfeld back after the Rangers clean out their office after this year. Give it a rest, Gary, your banter is tired.

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