All-Star Fiasco
"...the commissioner has declared ...".
6.3.2003 by Splatz

" If neither team has the lead by the end of this inning, the commissioner has declared that the game will end in a tie."

And with that announcement millions of baseball fans were angry and hated Bud Selig more than ever before.

With spring training started and the beginning of the season just around the corner I figured that I would dust off this topic and put my two cents in.

I sometimes watch The Best Damn Sports Show Period (TBDSSP), and John Kruk made a comment that, "it is only an exhibition game and it is for the fans, so people shouldn't complain about the All-Star game ending in a tie." That is precisely why people are mad, because it is for the fans and it is the fans that are mad. Not just sports writers who get their tickets comped or have press passes, but the fans that plunk down their hard earned money. The all star coaches are so worried about getting everyone in the game and not sending any players back possibly injured that sometimes a pitcher will only throw 1/3 or 2/3 of an inning and a position player will only play one inning and get one at-bat. I remember reading about old all star games and looking at the stat lines from those games where guys wouldn't get into the game at all. Pitchers would throw at least a few innings and position players would sometimes play for the entire game and get four or five plate appearances. In the same episode of TBDSSP, Kruk also said that in his first all-star game he didn't get in the game and he didn't mind.

Of course by now, if you follow baseball, you know that Bud has made the rule that the league that wins the all star game gets home field advantage in the World Series. While I will admit that that is a good idea and a step in the right direction there is still more things that need to be changed to keep this from happening again and more things, more great things, need to happen for Bud's approval to go up.

Here are my ideas on things that baseball can do to keep this from happening again. Since it is an exhibition game there is nothing wrong with changing up the rules a bit. I think that even the most strict baseball purists would rather see some rules bent than to have a tie.

1) Allow players to come back in the game.
Baseball is the only sport that doesn't allow the players to come in and go out as many times as needed. And while I am okay with that normally, in an exhibition game it isn't all that important. Of course there should be limitations. Like, position players should be able to come back in after three or four innings. With pitchers it is obviously different. If they were to come back in at all it would have to be after all other pitchers had been used. Of course with pitchers you wouldn't have to worry it...

2) Pitchers would pitch more than an inning or two.
With middle relief pitchers and closers it is understandable to work an inning or sometimes less. But with the starters, these are guys that normally need to go anywhere from five innings to a complete game. So for them to only go an inning or two at the most is just retarded. Of course this all depends on my third idea/point.

3) The coaches need to actually coach the game.
The coaches need to not worry about hurting someone's feelings by not playing them. They should coach to win the game just like they do to win games with their own teams, and I guarantee that they don't play everyone on their team every game, or any game for that matter. And this point gets complicated because if a coach decides to not play someone, the media immediately jumps all over it and makes controversy where there isn't any. It's like, well so and so didn't play what's his name so he must hate him for some reason. Oh shut the hell up; just report the actual sports news. Unless you have actual proof that someone hates another person then it is not news. I am not sure that it is news even if you have proof.

Now granted this is the only tie that I know of in baseball (spring training aside), but as I said in my first Random Thoughts column, I hate ties. So anything that can be done to prevent that should be done.

So take note Bud.

And until next time,.Go Ducks...oh yeah and fuck the Huskies.

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