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Looking out the window here in rural Marion County (Oregon), it's raining, which isn't as normal as it seems. Actually, up until a few weeks ago, it was actually pretty dry.

Anyways, welcome to my little corner of the website, where I will pontificate at least on a weekly basis about wrestling, hockey, and whatever else seems to be on my mind. And believe me, that's pretty diverse stuff most of the time.

A little about me. I was born in Eugene, OR, raised in Roseburg, and have lived around Salem for a majority of the time. I did live in Eugene for a couple of stints at the University of Oregon, until I graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Economics in 12/2001. And there may be a chance that I move to Portland at some point in the near future, but that's pure speculation :)

Currently I work as a Rec Leader for the City of Salem, and I love it. Previously, I worked for a local restaurant chain (don't worry, it wasn't fast food), so I can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time :) Unfortunately, I'm still stumbling a bit as I try and figure out where I want to go with my life. Seems as if I know even less about that than when I was in school. However, I have some of the best friends and family a guy could ask for to support me in whatever I choose to do. I often think it would be a blast to be a sports official or commentator, but am not even sure how to get rolling there. And I'd probably have to give up my spot in the Salem Concert Band, which I think is pretty cool-for more reasons than music, though :)

My interests are pretty diverse, but mostly lie along the lines of sports, music, home improvement, and maybe John Deeres or school buses :) I'm shy by nature, but I'm trying to work on that. I also love hockey, play soccer, golf, and bowl (none very well), and prefer college football and basketball to professional. Although my friends often kid me about how I like most teams, there are always a few that I hate prolifically, and sometimes I yell at the TV too much. Unlike the boss, I only have an SNES and GameCube, and actually play the SNES more, especially NHL 94.

Wrestling, of course. I used to be a pretty big McMahon apologist, but some of the crap they have been airing lately has been making it tough to take. I prefer late 80's-early 90's WWF to the current product, but I am still excited that I will be attending my first WrestleMania this year. But I hope with all my heart that they can abandon some of their elaborate stages and realize that sometimes, the simplest designs work the best. I do have some unique likes and dislikes though.

Big D's All-Time List:

Favorite Wrestlers: Randy Savage (WWF), Owen Hart, Sting, Vader, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Old Undertaker, Terry Taylor, Hercules, Tito Santana, Ted DiBiase, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Barbarian (until they gave him the antlers and stole his ability)

Least Favorite: HHH (used to be tolerable), William Regal, X-Pac (used to love him in the GWF), and I'm sure there are more :)

Favorite Tag Teams: Fabulous Rougeaus, Hart Foundation, Killer Bees, Demolotion, Strike Force, Steiners (until about 1996).

Favorite Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, Tony Schiavone (up until about 1995), Jim Ross (pre-1995).

Favorite Show: WrestleMania V (I could go on all day)

Favorite Venue: Trump Plaza, Atlantic City NJ

Events Attended: Raw 7/96, Royal Rumble 98, Spring Stampede 99, SummerSlam 99, Raw 12/98, SmackDown 5/00, Raw 7/01, Raw/Smackdown 8/02, along with a handful of house shows from the last one in Portland 5/91 to Seattle 2/02.

Hopefully this gives you some insight, but if you want to know more, let me know :)

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This is my old project, THROWDOWN.

A group of friends and I put together this little project in 2003 as an outlet of out collective rage and anger about the subjects that each of us cared about. I was the editor-and-chief and games writer back then.

It was a blast to do and it to be involved in a great collaborative effort using the strengths of my friends was simply amazing. I hope you have fun reading our work as much as we had in creating it.
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