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Who am I? Hey, didn't Jackie Chan ask that in an older movie? Well, movies aren't really my least not as far as this site is concerned. To quote an old diddy that most of us probably sang back in grade school, "I am the music master, I come from far away!"

Well, how far away I come from pretty much depends on where you are. But, who gives the left side of a crap about that? Music, music, music. That's what we'll be talking about.

I'm gonna listen to CD's and check out the live DVD's and stuff, and then tell you what I think. Believe it or not, I am qualified for this job. I've studied music, I love music, hell, I even play music. I don't want to shill my own crap here, so let's just say that I've made a living in the music PLAYING music!

I'm not just gonna listen to the new radio stuff, but I will hit a lot of it. To clue you in to where I'm coming from, I've 3 tattoos on me that are music related. One for Rush, one for KISS, and one from Buddy Rich. I listen to it all, and I'm gonna tell you what I think about it!

You watch MTV? Well, I'll even write stuff for you. Living in the Pacific NorthWest, I am in the middle of a hotbed of talent. I'll check out the local scenes around Portland and Seattle from time to time too. If you've got a band you want me to check out...send me a CD or let me know where you'll be playing.

I encourage feedback. What I write is my own opinion. Everyone's got one...I just have this website to share mine with everyone. So, to continue with the metaphor, if you want to show me your asshole, feel free. After all, you just got done looking at mine!


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This is my old project, THROWDOWN.

A group of friends and I put together this little project in 2003 as an outlet of out collective rage and anger about the subjects that each of us cared about. I was the editor-and-chief and games writer back then.

It was a blast to do and it to be involved in a great collaborative effort using the strengths of my friends was simply amazing. I hope you have fun reading our work as much as we had in creating it.
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