Games 'Boys' Play
It's fun and games until I poke your eye out!
3.2.2003 by Jasmine

Let's face it, all of us play games; boys just seem to be better at it than women. Some of you may disagree and may say that women play better games than men. On the contrary, women just play more games if we feel that we are being played,so it's more of a reactionary game playing by my sex.

This is not to lull you into a false sense of security, because 'men' play games too. However, the games men play are normally more harmful for everyone involved. Married men like to play games with women in general. They especially like to play around on their wives and not tell the other woman about the wife. Because, if the other woman is a good woman, she'll kick that loser's ass to the curb and should tell the wife about her husband's extra-curricular activities. Yet I digress...

Can someone please give some insight into the male psyche, assuming that one does exist. Why do boys still have the two to three day rule for calling a woman? If you like her, call her when you say you're going to call her. For pity sake, there's nothing worse than starting off a relationship with resent towards the other. Women resent being put on hold. Women are not stupid; they know exactly what you're doing. And it's kind of cute in the beginning, but after a while, it's immature, contrived, and not enjoyable. Is this the boy's trump card? You get to drop in and out of a woman's life whenever you want. Are we supposed to feel somehow validated and worthwhile when you do finally decide to get off your asses and call us? Fuck that shit!

My advice to all the 'boys' out there, don't give into peer pressure. Do what you say you're going to do, and no one will get hurt. It may be the social norm, but it's still, odious, outdated, opprobrious, and obtuse! Another 'game' boys (and supposed married men) play is the field. In a relationship, there are no first, second and third string women! If you have a girlfriend, don't give the impression that you are single to other women. Don't ask other women for their phone numbers with the intention of 'dating' her too. This is of course acceptable with those individuals who tolerate an open-ended relationship-sick, demented bastards who just use that phrase as an excuse for fucking other people, nice, real nice! I understand that it's a primal instinct for men to spread their seed freely for the purpose of furthering the species, but I think the world is over populated enough, so find a new excuse!

This is by no way a slam on boys and men, because girls and women do it too! So if you have any qualms with women that you'd like to address or would like more insight into them, please email me at:

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