Just ask Jasmine! #1
Love, Lust and Life
2003.1.17 - by Jasmine

Dear Jasmine,
I’ve been dating this guy for a few months. I really like a lot of things about him, except for the fact that he uses drugs and has no job. Every time we go out, I seem to always pay for everything. I feel like he’s just using me and doesn’t appreciate me. He really can’t even fully commit to me in the official ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ way. I want to continue seeing this guy, but those things need to change and I know that they won’t. What should I do? Should I continue to see him and say something about how those things affect our relationship and me? Or should I not say anything and break up with him?

Dear Confused,
My immediate advice to you would be to do some serious soul-searching. What do you want out of a relationship? Do you want to continue to feel the way you do? Or do you want someone who will fully appreciate you for what you bring to the table? What do you want from someone else in a relationship? Is this guy providing that? My second piece of advice would be, talk to him! Tell him how his actions make you feel. You at least owe it to yourself to say it. Whether or not he listens is totally up to him. It’s his decision whether or not to change. If he really cares for you, he’ll make a change for the better. If, however, he’s just a loser, then kick his sorry ass to the curb, where trash like that belongs!

It sounds to me like he is too immature for a relationship, and is too selfish to think beyond his own needs. You can find better, so by all means continue looking. There are plenty of other men out there who will appreciate you. It sounds to me like you know what you need to do; just following through with it is very tough. More power to you, sister!

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