Over the many years that my friends and I have invaded the northern Oregon coast, many kooky things have been done in the months preceeding to promote the event among our group.

Some have asked, "Who is Lehto and why 'memorial'?" Lehto refers to a great friend of ours, Josh Lehto who is indeed alive and well, thank you, but hasn't been able to make it to the event since Neahkahnie 3, back in 2000. This gallery is named in his honor - in the hope that we'll see him debauch with us again soon.

This year, the Lehto Memorial Online Gallery of Iffy Neahkahnie Art is pleased to open a new wing dedicated to the antics of Captain James T. Kirk and his love of Neahkahnie! The main gallery also expanding, so check in often!

...and please refrain from flash photography.

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