Welcome to the Oregon State Capitol Building - the state's bowling trophy.

This is the third building to headquarter the executive and legislative
branches of Oregon government. While some would take it as a sign that
the predecessors were gutted by fire, Oregonians never quit (or just don't
know any better) and this building was built in 1938.

It is said that the building is of "Modern Greek architecture". Modern Greek.
Something just doesn't sound right about that. Anywho, there's an ordinance
on the books that no building in the downtown core of Salem may be taller than
this one (the big methodist church and the Capitol Center building are exempt
because they were erected prior to the building of the Capitol) - hence the stunted
vertical growth of the city.

Salem. Oregon's angry midget.

It started out as a pretty cruddy day for photography. Nevertheless, I
decided to strike out into the city - as was rewarded with lovely views
such as this.
It's a big bowling trophy, isn't it folks?

This is the view of the Capitol Mall - as seen from the front doors of the Cap. No, you can't shop here.
Rain, rain, rain...but it is autumn in the city. It afforded me some
lovely views along the mall.
There's a parking garage beneath the Capitol Mall. Here you
see Chemeketa Street driving down into the ground.

Back to the front of the Cap. There are two bits of statuary on each side of the steps leading up to the
front doors. Here is one of them. Inscribed on the bottom, "Westward, The Star of Empire Takes Its Way"

2003 Brent M. Diskin