New York has Central Park. Salem has Bush's Pasture Park.

This great acreage of oak and field serves as the running/biking
center of the city. It's also the home of the most excellent Salem
Art Fair and Festival. The nifty thing about this park is
that along with its size, it offers something for just about anyone.
It offers sylvan glades, open fields, hills, some sporting facilities,
three playgrounds, an art museum, and a fine rose garden.

In a city as apathetic as Salem, it's a nice place to gain a little

Not just any park, but a pasture park!
Your typical Oregon statue of something pioneer-ish.
The pedestal is inscribed with the words, "Guidance
of Youth". That's a mistake.

On the house grounds, you'll find and actual conservatory...
...with a rather nice set flora therein! I was quite
suprised to see such a nice collection available for
free public visitation.
This is the former home of Asahel Bush II (built 1877-78) was and occupied
by members of his family for the next seventy-five years. When I was a wee
lad, I always thought that the house looked a lot like that of the Munsters
or perhaps the Aadams Family. Sadly, it's another old house-museum with a
musty "brought over on a conestoga wagon" decor.
Found alongside the north playground area of the park is this statue.
It's called "The Cat and the Cow" and is dedicated to one of Asahel Bush's
daughters. She liked cats and cows. I wonder if I reach a level of posthumous
noteriety if they'll erect a statue of a bottle of scotch...
It's not Portland, but Salem can grow some fine roses too. In the
spring/summer months, this area is awash with color. There are signs around
begging people to take photos and not flowers (or to eat anything).
I guess this was a problem once.
That's right, an honest-to-god soapbox derby track! I guess some sort of championships are held here.
...and here's a nice view from the top of the track.
Gotta pat myself on the back for this photo.
The grounds of Bush Park also houses the home of Willamette
University Football, McCulloch Stadium. It's not a big venue,
but it along with the Willamette baseball stadium and tennis
courts (all mostly open to the public) make for some nice
additions to the park.
A view of the stadium. At night.
2003 Brent M. Diskin